GOLDFINCH PUMPS, LLC is the full cycle manufacture of the industrial grade pumping equipment. Our company is specializing in manufacturing of variety of commercial and municipal pumps. We are offering multiple products that can work with aggressive, abrasive, and neutral type of pumping media. While our assortment is substantial enough, our engineering team is constantly working on offering new products and solutions to meet the fast path of the economic and technological market development while focusing on efficiency and durability. Goldfinch offers not just single products, our engineering department can come up with complex key ready solutions to meet individual needs of our customers. Having an international market experience, we can adjust our equipment to any standards you are particularly working with. Located in the heart of the United States in Kansas City Metropolitan area, we are easily reachable to our clients and fast to respond to their inquiries. Whether it is a new order or service call, we are here to fulfill your needs. Exceptional customer service, quality of goods and competitive pricing makes us stand out among our competitors.

GOLDFINCH PUMPS are experts in chemical and oil/gas industries as well as municipal sector and many others. Working with us, you are getting superior technologies, improved materials, reliability, and performance.

Thank you for your business.

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